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California Country Club Blog

The Allure of Country Club Weddings

Want your special day at an exclusive venue like a private country club? Give your guests a country club experience at a premiere venue in SoCal.

Country clubs have earned a time-honored reputation when it comes to playing host to weddings. Known for lush landscapes, superior food and beverage operations, and impeccable service, country clubs and golf resorts are particularly well-suited for that special day. Plus, they are often situated in some of the most memorable places on earth.

“Not all wedding venues allow for the customization that many of our Troon clubs do,” continued RealFood’s Hoffman. “Every bride wants her wedding to feel original. The staff at each club takes the time to work with couples to curate customized experiences; it’s what we do at Troon and RealFood. In the end, the goal is always to bring people together to celebrate and enjoy.

California Country Club is a Troon-managed club in Southern California that has hosted numerous weddings. Do you want to have your special day at a country club?

Membership Requirements for California Country Club:

It's a common question: Do you need to be members of the country club to host a wedding there? Luckily, at California Country Club, you do not need to be a member to book your wedding. Guests will be able to enjoy the country club experience.

The Setting at CaliCC:

Although country clubs are known for their lush landscapes, they also have an amazing clubhouse with enough room for a special event such as a wedding. Tour the venue to find the perfect spot for your vows, whether it's California Country Club’s elegant ballroom or the beautiful outside ceremony site overlooking the lush greens of the course. California Country Club can accommodate intimate weddings, large ceremonies, and everything in between. If you're planning on getting married at California Country Club, you will be met with the best hospitality and originality for your special occasion.

Dinner Services:

While some venues offer rigid menus for events, others allow collaboration with the chef to create a custom menu. California Country Club prides itself on handling any service style (plated, cocktail-style, and buffet).

Décor Options:

One big benefit of tying the knot at a country club is the gorgeous backdrop. In all of the packages, CaliforniaCC offers two golf carts for transportation to the scenic areas for photos. With immaculate landscaping, ponds, and flower beds, you can take advantage of the CaliCC's natural beauty for everlasting photos.


A bride and groom may worry that country club members will crash their festivities, but in reality, most clubs will ensure privacy at your event. The only people showing up to your party will be on the guest list! The ceremony, on the other hand, could potentially have a few spectators. Depending on the time of day, members may be on-site playing golf or dining. Nonetheless, California Country Club will ensure everything will go smoothly for you and your guests.

If you are interested in booking with California Country Club, please contact Mary at or call 626.333.4571 Ext. 4.

Good luck planning!